The last of Maine

The Bubbles in Arcadia

Popovers and “bubbles”

Food Tour with Audrey in Portland 


Bicycle trip to Peaks Island on the ferry

Return route on Portland trail.


Mid-coast Maine

We spent 3 nights at the Camden Hills State Park, camping, hiking, and sightseeing.

Looking out towards the Rockland lighthouse, which you can walk to on this seawall.

From the top of Mt. Battie overlooking Camden harbor on Penobscot Bay

Hiking up Mt. Megunticook.

Panoramic pic from mountain top

Incredible views on this hike


Then, we toured this bridge which has the world’s highest bridge observation deck.

Maine Coast

Richard flew into Portland, Maine to join me for a week.  Stopped in Boothbay first.

Enjoyed a foggy evening boat ride.

Video of harbor, from the boat​​

The hotel’s herb garden.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse ​

Pics from inside the lighthouse 

Great find, just outside Boothbay.

Last of the Cape

On our last day on Cape Cod, we stopped at a lovely botanical garden.  Rhododendrons were blooming, and much more.

Fun garden installations scattered about.

And a labyrinth in the woods, my favorite fun outdoor find.

Just off the Cape, we stopped in Plymouth to see the harbor, “the rock”, and Casey found a lobster.

Bar Harbor

Working lighthouse on Mt. Desert Island

Same lighthouse from the dramatic vantage point

We walked across this land bridge during low tide, out to Bar Island

Full view from the island side

Same place 2 hours later, after the tide had begun to rise.

The dinner…

A pot full of lobster, mussels, corn, and potatoes

The bib

Even included blueberry pie


Casey and I took the ferry to Nantucket for a day of sightseeing by bicycle.  33 miles worth!  

Note:  I am using these blog posts as a way to off-load pictures from my phone. That’s why there are so many!

Fairytale Nantucket has a way with flower boxes.

First pass at this lighthouse.

Same lighthouse from the far away trail loop.

These “beach roses” were everywhere!

On to the Cape with Casey and Audrey 

Spent a few days on Cape Cod with Casey and Audrey.  Flowers everywhere and such deep colors.

Visited a lavender farm and shop.

And bicycled the 22 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail, ending near the National Seashore and Coast Guard Beach.  

French Bistro for snacks then on to Sunset near P-town where seals played for over an hour right in front of us.