About the “Diet”

My Grocery Delivery Vehicle - Doing double duty.

Beginning this blog as a 2012 New Year’s Resolution.

I resolve to buy groceries for my family (of 4) only at venues to which I have walked or bicycled.  I have 3 major grocery stores within a mile of my house – sidewalks to all 3.  Great health food store and a pseudo-farmers market too in that radius.  At least 4 pharmacies and a Dollar General too (for bargain hunting).

Follow me as I use this blog as a way to record the challenges to and successes of my resolve. Make some comments and help me work it out!


3 thoughts on “About the “Diet”

    • Yes, it is. Good eye. You know Mia Birk is riding one on the cover of her book, Joyride. I love mine too. It can go fast, slow, haul 3 big bags of groceries, and has a great little “ding-ding” bell. Thanks for noticing.

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