3 Days on the C and O Canal Towpath

Biked for 3 days along the towpath.  Started in Cumberland, MD and ended in Harpers Ferry, WV.  About 40 miles per day, which, bicycle friends, on a mucky gravel path is NOT like 40 miles on a smooth asphalt trail.  Just sayin’!  Train took me back to my van at the end. (Doggies stayed with a petsitter for this part of the adventure.)

VERY MUDDY on day one!

Ten miles in on day one… still smiling.

Other sites along the towpath…

The path squeezed between the river and a mountain.

Kept my gear “bagged” to protect it from rain and mud.

After lunch on day two, I jumped over on to the paved Western Maryland Rail Trail for about 10 miles. It parallels the towpath for about 20 miles.

Lunch in Hancock. Hotel in Williamsport.

Soundtrack for day two!

Finally made it to Harpers Ferry, waiting out a short rain shower.

Full confession, the thunderstorm and the tight train schedule made me leap-frog about 20 miles of day three’s journey with an Uber ride!

Amtrak train that brought me back to Cumberland.


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