Preparing for my Summer 2017 Trip

One day away from the beginning of my Summer road trip,  I’m packing the camping bins, reading travel books, and harvesting goodies from the garden (making pesto with my basil and freshly roasted pinenuts).  

I’ll be posting pictures and updates to this blog page, which is from an old project/adventure, my Bicycle Diet.

My trip plans include stops in West Virginia, Cape Cod, Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Bunswick, Quebec, Vermont, and Rhode Island.  Travel companions will be joining me on several legs and I’ll stop for visits with other friends along the route.  

The alligator and 3 babies, pictured below, were seen along the bike ride yesterday in Orange Beach.  It was a “warm up” in preparation for a summer full of bicycle rides and outdoors adventures.  Follow along , if you’d like!


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