April Brings Heavy Load

Almost overdid it!

April’s here and the Bicycle Diet is still going strong.   The first couple of months were so easy and so much fun that I found myself making too many trips to the grocery stores.   So many that my pantry was soon way overstocked.  Some of my excess was out of enthusiasm for this “alternative transportation” challenge.  Some, I think, was simply out of habit.  When items are advertised as “5 for $5” and since I was always driving a big ol’ car to take it all home in, why not get all 5?  Even if I only needed 1 or 2 for the week.  Made sense at the time.

For a few weeks in early March, I intentionally curbed the frequency of my market trips and got that pantry back to manageable.  Since my little community garden plot  was needing some spring attention, I just redirected some of my bicycling trips to that endeavor.  Doesn’t matter where I’m traveling to, bicycling there is so much more enjoyable than taking the car.

Now that it’s April, I’m refocusing some of my bicycling energies.  I’ve pledged to do “30 Days of Biking” with 3000+ fellow cyclists.  We’ve all committed to bicycling somewhere each day for 30 days.  My “Day 4” was, of course, a trip to the grocery store.  I admit, as you can see in the photo above, I almost over did it.  I let the kids make the shopping list and threw in a case of Diet Coke for myself (yes, bungeed tight, there on the back).  After packing both baskets full, I still had a loaf of bread to be carefully stashed.  I ended up carrying it over my shoulder in the green sack pictured hanging on the bike seat.  This wasn’t the most expensive Bicycle Diet run to the store, but it was certainly the heaviest so far.   It was a little adventure and still much more fun than a trip in the car.


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