Two by Two by Two

This is the Cart that Jack Built. Our two-wheeled pull-behind cart is quite useful when bringing home the HEAVY goods on foot.

Two weeks into the Year of the Bicycle Diet and our family is discovering a great new medium for grabbing a little extra “Mom-time”.  During the past week, on two separate days, both of my kids decided they’d join me for a walking trip to the grocery store.  We brought along our two-wheeled pull behind cart, pictured hanging outside the kitchen door with the green plastic crate still fastened with a bungee cord.   The kids enjoyed talking, uninterruptedly, the entire half mile trip to and half mile trip home from the market.  My 12-year-old son actually commented, “That was a fun walk” as we unloaded our two reusable grocery sacks full of overly processed and prepackaged items.  This experience is allowing me and my kids to discover and enjoy the pleasures of a nice, slow paced shopping trip made via alternative transportation.

Pictured below is the bounty we gathered during one of those chatty pedestrian excursions.  Undoubtedly you’ll notice, as I certainly did, that most of our provisions from this trip were basically junk food and convenience items.  Let me first offer a guilty plea and then a partial explanation.  In addition to the Mint Oreos (me), Frosted Flakes (son), PopTarts (daughter) and two bricks of Maxwell House (hubby), we also subscribe to our local farmer’s market “Produce Club” which provides an abundant weekly supply of fresh, local, and organic fruits, veggies, milk, cheeses, and other grocery items.  Our community is fortunate to have such a great local resource, and I am downright charmed to have it within a half mile, sidewalked route from my front door.

Sins of the indulgent working Mom. We try to balance this diet with our Monday Produce Club run.

As for what I’m feeding my family, let me explain that I strive for “balance in all things”.  Steel cut oats for breakfast, two diet sodas and a Snickers for lunch, sustainably produced grass-fed beef for dinner.  Anyway, this is a transportation diet.  I never said it was going to 100% healthy!


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