Early Success

My son checks my balance before leaving Winn-Dixie. Yes, that’s his Gatorade, and he’s concerned.

 I declare week one a success, on several fronts.  Early in the week, while preparing and double checking my grocery list, since you certainly don’t want to forget anything vital when you’re shopping by bicycle, my 12-year-old son announced that he was going with me on my grocery shopping trip.  Ok. That’s great.  Family support!  His joining me  was an unexpected and appreciated confirmation that he approved of my one-year project. He even insisted on taking his backpack so he could help with the “haul”.  As you can see from the photo, we added some kid-specific items to our shopping cart, a big box of sugary cereal and his sports drinks.

Later in the week – on, of course, another “we’re outta milk” run, I was able to bring home an extra treat, mint-chocolate chip ice cream, as it was below 40 degrees outside after 5:00 p.m. (That’s cold for us down here in lower Alabama.)  Don’t know how much ice cream or popsicles I’ll be bringing home on foot or bike in sultry July.  But don’t tell the kids that part yet.  They’re still supportive.


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