Week One: I am not alone

   4:45 p.m.  New Year’s Day – “Mom, we’re out of milk.”  
Ok.  I’m ready for this.  I’ve done practice shopping rides for a week leading up to this resolution.  Told several friends about this alternative transportation challenge.  Really believe this is something that will benefit me, my family, and my community.  Now let’s go.
Blinky lights on (front and rear).   Baskets secure (also front and rear).  I’m off on my bike to the very close neighborhood grocery store, Greers.  What a welcoming sight when I arrive.  Two other bikes are snuggly tuck in to the bicycle rack staged right beside the main entrance.  This feels like home.  Suddenly I don’t feel so crazy and “out-there”.    I am not alone.   Bicycling shoppers unite.

Multiple Bikes at local grocer on Day One


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