Bicycle Diet 101

Ok. So here’s what I’m thinking for my 2012 Resolution – and this is before the red wine kicks in.

Only buying groceries that I can bring home on foot or on my bicycle.

That’s it. That’s “the Bicycle Diet”. Bicycle, because that’s really how I’ll do it most of the time.

I live in a great little community in South Alabama where I have three major grocery stores within a mile of my house – with sidewalks all the way to all three. There’s a great health food store and a pseudo-farmers market too in that radius. I can’t commit to bringing home via ped or cycle all of the beverages that hubby drinks, but he usually takes care of that himself. Besides his special “bevies” – I’m gonna do it all on foot or on two wheels – for one year.

What ‘da ya think?

We’re a family of 4 (kids are 12 & 13). We eat regular food, but really try to eat locally produced food when available (that’s where the farmer’s market helps). One kid is a vegetarian (part-time vegan). The Menfolk, however, like their meat.

We eat out, in restaurants a good bit too, so I’m not giving any of that up. I work full-time and use Subway and the like 3 days a week to get us through busy nights. The biggest drawback is Publix – I love Publix and it would have to be a weekend, long ride treat to get to our local Publix – but there is a paved trail most (90 percent) of the way to it.

Stay tuned for details of the challenges and successes to this “project” resolution. Make some comments, if you’d like. Let me know about any of your commuting alternatives or about your New Year’s Resolutions. Happy 2012!


6 thoughts on “Bicycle Diet 101

  1. We haven’t had a car since 2003 so we do all our shopping (and everything else) on bikes or by foot. There’s only two of us, so I congratulate you on doing this with teens! We went vegan last year so it is not only cheaper to get food, but between the two of us, we lost almost 100 pounds. In the winter, we hang the bikes up (in Ottawa, it’s too dangerous to bike on the streets once it snows.) Then once you are on foot, you really have to pick something up at the store almost every day, unless you are prepared to look and act and feel like a Sherpa on Everest. However, because we eat fresh-cooked veg every day, it is easy enough to do. Once in a while (once a month, say) we rent a car and get the big stuff like toilet paper and Tide. You can do it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I admire you for going car-less since ’03. Wow. Maybe when the kids are out of the house or can drive themselves. Stay warm up there!

  2. I do most of our grocery shopping by bike (3-mile round trip). For larger items (watermelons, bulky packages) we bought a Croozer Cargo Bicycle Trailer from Works also for carrying glass, cans, etc. to the recycling center and propane tanks for refilling.

    BTW, beer fits really well in the trailer.

  3. Cool! Found your blog from a tweet from @ellyblue. I now have it bookmarked. I’m a year-round bicycle commuter for about 3 1/2 years now in Corvallis, OR. We have a very bike friendly city here, so it’s easy. I was in Birmingham for a wedding coming up on two years ago and saw very little bike activity – I admire you for what looks to me like bucking the tide. My first Thanksgiving on the bike, dinner came home in one trip – the turkey and odds and ends in the milk crate on the rear rack, the rest in a knapsack. The great majority of our groceries travel by bike. I usually stop off on my way home from work. I have two Banjo Brothers grocery bag panniers, though I usually carry only one. Another bag can be bungee corded on top of my rear rack. For big loads now, I have a Burley flatbed trailer with a covered plastic tote that I strap on.

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